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Chloe (@itsthechew) and Rachel (@realslimchada) join the show to offer reading and viewing recs including OriginalsRed Oaks, and Timecrimes. Also, there is no way Blake Shelton is the sexiest man alive, Mel Gibson is definitely not family friendly, Sarah Huckabee Sanders says the difference between Trump and Franken is Franken "admitted wrongdoing," Lena Dunham apologizes after defending Girls writer accused of sexual assault, Transparent actress Trace Lysette accuses Jeffrey Tambor of sexual advances, Joe Biden on Anita Hill: "I feel really badly that she didn't feel like the process worked," Danny Masterson rape accuser comes forward to blast Netflix: "We do matter," low-wage workers have been fighting sexual harassment for years, and women accuse Vice of "toxic" sexual harassment culture

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