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Erek (@erek_smith) and Faith (@bohemianfaith) join the show to help answer Patreon questions about starting a podcast and the "good guy with a gun" myth. Also, anti-sexual harassment training is now mandatory for Senators and aides, Asia Argento releases detailed list of over 100 Harvey Weinstein accusers, Ellen Page posts to Facebook about abuse from Brett Ratner, Former Mad Men writer Kater Gordon says Matthew Weiner sexually harassed her, Los Angeles DA's office now has a task force for sexual assault cases in Hollywood, tens of thousands of Nazis gather by Polish Capital, Trump nominee for federal judgeship has never tried a case, Trump bodyguard Keith Schiller testifies Russia offered Trump women and was turned down, Trump says Putin "means it" about not meddling, and Trump trades "short and fat" barb with North Korea's Kim

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