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Charles Rockhill (@charlesrockhill) joins the show to discuss scary movies and questionable adult supervision. Also, Trump defends Nazis (and they love it), three Democrats call on Congress to censure Trump over his disgraceful response to Charlottesville, Trump attorney forwards bizarre email rant defending Robert E. Lee, Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell bawls on camera after learning there's a warrant for his arrest, protesters illuminate Charlottesville during candlelight vigil at UVA, Heather Heyer's mother Susan Bro's moving remarks at memorial, Baltimore removes Confederate monuments in the middle of the night, arrests made in Durham Confederate statue removal, crowds of residents line up to turn themselves in after activists remove Confederate statue, 17 anonymous sources tell the Washington Post how Trump's lack of discipline leaves John Kelly frustrated, Steve Bannon's weird interview with The American Prospect, and Trump ends manufacturing council that no one wanted to serve on

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