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Keisha Zollar (@keishaz) joins the show to help answer a Patreon question about kitty adoption. Also, Rex Tillerson scrambles to defuse North Korea tension as Trump brags about U.S. nuclear power, Trump probably made up that "fire and fury" quote on his own since the generals certainly didn't sign off on it, evangelical adviser says "God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jon Un," John Kelly has proven to be an apolitical force (read: silent), FBI conducted predawn raid of Paul Manafort's home, dozens of women are considering suing Google over alleged workplace sexism and pay inequity, Indiana GOP limiting early voting in Democratic areas while expanding it in conservative suburbs, why the ACLU is wrong to sue D.C. transit system for removing Milo's ads, Fox News host Eric Bolling suing journalist for $50 million over lewd testing story, and the lawyer who took down Gawker has now set his sights on Techdirt

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