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Parker Molloy (@parkermolloy) joins the show to discuss Laci Green and her dad knocking out some dude's teeth at a Kid Rock concert. Also, David Brooks met a poor and has some thoughts, Donald Trump Jr. maintains he didn't tell his father about meeting with Russia lawyer even though Trump teased "major" news on Clinton hours later, Sean Hannity asks Donald Jr. "every single question" about Russia meeting in 15 minutes, Republicans unveil "revised" Obamacare repeal bill that would slash Medicaid by more than $700 billion, Jared Kushner "forgot" to mention meeting "more than 100" foreign contacts, Mike Pence's Press Secretary won't say if his boss met with Russians, iceberg twice the size of Luxembourg breaks off Antarctic ice shelf, people are freaking out about this Guardian column proposing that having fewer children would be a way to fight climate change, and Kid Rock may not be running for Senate—but he would totally win if he was

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