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Parker Molloy (@parkermolloy) joins the show to discuss some good news: we're not under martial law yet, Chelsea Manning is free, and Roger Ailes is dead. Also, Trump campaign had at least 18 undisclosed contacts with Russians, Trump's team knew Michael Flynn was under investigation but gave him the job anyway, Flynn stopped military plan Turkey opposed after being paid as its agent (and now Flynn is refusing to cooperate with Senate Intelligence Committee), Erdogan's "bodyguards" attack protesters in Washington D.C., former FBI Director Mueller to lead Trump-Russia probe, Putin offers transcript of Trump meeting with Lavrov (lololol) and it turns out Trump only met with Lavrov because Putin asked nicely, Jason Chaffetz says he's "ready" to subpoena James Comey memo, House majority leader to colleagues in 2016: "I think Putin pays" Trump, Sheriff David Clarke to join Trump administration—even though four people, including a baby, have died in his jail, inside the U.S. effort to keep laptop bomb intel secret, and a dude in Texas sued a woman for texting during a first date

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