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Erek Smith (@erek_smith) and Faith Beauchemin (@bohemianfaith) join the show to encourage everyone to read about social movements that don't center white people and help answer a Patreon question about finding value in under-valued professions. Also, Trump admits he was going to fire Comey regardless of DOJ recommendation, the White House lies by saying that FBI employees had lost faith in Comey, Trump implies he taped conversations with Comey and threatens to reveal them (and is also threatening to cancel White House briefings), Rod Rosenstein still sees no need for a special prosecutor on Russia, Trump lawyers (from a firm that has ties with Russia) says a review of his last 10 years of tax returns don't reflect any income of any type from Russian sources "with some exceptions," Jeff Sessions issues sweeping new criminal charging policy, ICE announces major anti-gang operations in which mostly U.S. citizens are arrested (while using vague rules to determine who qualifies as a gang member), and a new campaign rooted in the South got mothers in prisons and jails across the country home for Mother's Day

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