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Erin Red (@erinred) joins the show to discuss the woes of not being able to grow armpit hair. Also, Reince Priebus says the Trump administration has "looked at" changing libel laws to limit press freedom, Trump doesn't know what's in his health bill, Chaos at Fox News: Bill Shine is ousted, Fox News anchor joins lawsuit alleging racial discrimination and harassment, DOJ investigation widens to include the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Jesse Watters takes an abrupt vacation after sexually suggestive comment about Ivanka Trump, and Fox is reportedly in talks with Blackstone to launch joint bid for Tribune Media (Blackstone's subsidiary wants to privatize Social Security), Jordan Edwards killed by Texas police officer (and the cops originally lied about what happened), former South Carolina police officer to plead guilty in fatal shooting of Walter Scott, not only is Trump rounding up undocumented immigrants—but he's also forcibly relocating judges to deport them, woman on trial for laughing during a Congressional hearing, new research suggests many voters switched from Obama to Trump because they think Democrats favor the wealthy, and Thailand junta chief accepts Trump's invite

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