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Reminder: Citizen Radio still needs your support! If you've been enjoying the show, consider becoming a member or upping your support today! Erin Red (@erinred) joins the show to offer viewing recs to cleanse your palate of political horrors. Also, Trump lashes out at Tax Returns protesters, 45 percent of Americans say Trump keeps his promises, Justice Department drops lawsuit against North Carolina's anti-trans "bathroom bill," first protected DREAMer is deported under Trump (ICE arrests of undocumented immigrants without criminal records have doubled), 3-month-old baby questioned by U.S. officials on terrorism ties thanks to botched visa form, journo who broke story of gay humanitarian crisis in Chechnya says she's fleeing Russia, Jeff Varner fired from job after outing transgender Survivor castmate Zeke Smith, Alex Jones's lawyer says he's "playing a character" during child custody battle defense, stop swooning over Justin Trudeau: the man is a disaster for the planet, and 8 million Californians have been drinking polluted water for years

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