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Episode #1495: NYC! The LAST Jamie Kilstein & The Agenda Live is July 27 at 7PM. Don't miss it!

If you can't make it, watch the livestream:

Citizen Radio needs your support! New Miscreants (and higher!) will receive a signed copy of Jamie's debut music album A Bit Much, Allison and Jamie worry about Mike "Pants" Pence and Donald Trump's relationship, Ted Cruz refuses to endorse Donald Trump and the RNC goes nuts, Roger Stone and Alex Jones plot primary challenge in retaliation, Laura Ingraham's alleged Nazi saluteCode Pink is kicking ass at the RNC, Camp Occupy RNCvideo shows Charles Kinsey, an unarmed black healthcare worker, being shot by a cop who meant to shoot an autistic man holding a toy truck, Tim Kaine calls to deregulate banks as he campaigns to be Clinton's VP, Roger Ailes resigns as Fox News CEO over sexual harassment allegations, Baton Rouge shooter Gavin Long said he suffered from PTSD, and Donald Trump says countries can only be part of NATO if they pay their bills

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Read Allison's piece about elitism, pop culture, and Taylor & Kanye & Kim:

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