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Episode #1488: NYC! Next Jamie Kilstein & The Agenda Live with guests Jessica Valenti is July 13 at 9:30PM 

If you can't make it, watch the livestream:

Citizen Radio needs your support! New Miscreants (and higher!) will receive a signed copy of Jamie's debut music album A Bit Much, hundreds arrested (including DeRay McKesson) during anti-police brutality marches all across U.S., Dallas sniper kills five police officers and police kill Micah Johnson with bomb on modified robot, what we know about Johnson: Army veteran sent home from Afghanistan for sexually harassing a woman, allegedly said he "wanted to kill white people," but had no known affiliation with Black Lives Matter, police incorrectly target Mark Hughes as one of the shooting suspects, President Obama says "change has been too slow" in response to police shootings, Ex-Illinois Representative Joe Walsh tweets, "Watch out black lives matter punks, Watch out Obama," Nakia Jones, the officer who broke the Blue Wall of Silence, has been suspended, new video footage of NYPD's cop road rage shooting shows that Delrawn Small did not assault off-duty officer Wayne Isaacs, officer who killed Philando Castile pulled him over for matching a description of a robbery suspect because of the "wide set nose," Fox News' Roger Ailes slammed with sexual harassment lawsuits from at least 10 women—including ousted Fox anchor Gretchen Carlson  

Read Allison about all the time she's been sexual attracted to cartoon characters:

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