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Episode #1486: NYC! Next Jamie Kilstein & The Agenda Live with guests Jessica Valenti and Josh Gondelman (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver) is July 13 at 9:30PM 

If you can't make it, watch the livestream:

Citizen Radio needs your support! New Miscreants (and higher!) will receive a signed copy of Jamie's debut music album A Bit Much, Choose Your Own Adventure, Patreon question about cat litter, Batman VS. Superman, and X-Men Apocalypse, FBI Director James Comey recommends no charges be filed against Hillary Clinton over email server scandal, protest breaks out after Baton Rouge police shoot and kill Alton Sterling, off-duty NYPD cop shoots man dead after road rage incident, Chilcot report reveals Tony Blair was indeed George W. Bush's poodle (in addition to a war criminal), Donald Trump says Saddam Hussein was "so good" at killing terrorists, Labour Party membership skyrockets post-Brexit, Iowa court blocks 20,000 ex-offenders from voting, the GOP's war on voting is working, Muslim teen who was assaulted in Brooklyn says his attacker called him a "terrorist," and Oscar Pistorius gets nine years less than the minimum sentence for murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp

Read Allison about all the time she's been sexual attracted to cartoon characters:

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