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Episode #1133: Allison and Jamie discuss the Rams players' Mike Brown tribute, nationwide fast food strikes planned for Dec 4, Black Friday protests including in St. Louis, video evidence police executed Tamir Rice (and then refused to give him first aid), white dude Larry McQuilliams shot up a bunch of government buildings in Austin and tried to set fire to the Mexican consulate, someone tried to run over Ferguson protesters, a pregnant woman in St. Louis lost an eye after police shot her with a bean bag, grand jury won't indict officers in the death of John Crawford, Darren Wilson describes Mike Brown as a "demon" and "it", video evidence Darrien Hunt fled from officers before they shot him, and cops slam an unarmed woman on the pavement and kill her in front of her family.

Upcoming live gigs: Kilstein: A People's Guide to Comedy Dec 15 at Magnet Theater, and #AddictedToFriendship in Chicago Dec 5. Check Jamie's site for links!

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