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Episode #1091: Allison and Jamie discuss the ongoing Ferguson protests, issue a correction about the hoax Emma Watson nude photo countdown, give an update on the ACLU filing a lawsuit against Defense Secretary Hagel on behalf of Chelsea Manning for improper gender treatment, and talk about a Pennsylvania mom who gave her daughter the "abortion pill" going to jail, Colorado students' counterprotest to anti-protest curriculum and Ohio students' John Crawford freedom march, and trust in mainstream media plummeting.

Special guest: Mario (he...he won't leave)

Upcoming live gigs: #NEWSFAIL events in NYC and NJ and #AddictedToFriendship shows in Philly, DC, St. Louis, and Chicago. Check Jamie's site for links!

Remember to pre-order #NEWSFAIL: all about our shitty media and how alternative media will save us all.    


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