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Episode #309 It's been ten years of tax cuts for rich people! WE DID IT, GUYS! Also, how Weinergate has distracted from a larger, much more serious scandal involving Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, and Glenn Beck is now charging his rubes for their stupidification.

The GOP starts attacking Democrats...from the left, Tim Pawlenty wows Americans with his plans to give rich people more tax breaks, Evan Bayh sucks it up and takes one for the team by going to lobby for the Chamber of Commerce, Al Qaeda encourages terrorists to buy weapons at gun shows, Japan doubles its radiation leak estimate for Fukushima, a badass citizens records a police shootout on his phone and protects the footage by hiding the memory chip in his mouth, and Citizen Radio offers some advice about what to do when your sucky job sucks the creative energy out of you.

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