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Episode #321 Jane Hamsher - Founder of progressive blog FireDogLake, co-producer of Oliver Stone movie Natural Born Killers, constantly on Rachel Maddow and the person who is going to singlehandedly save healthcare. Topics covered: Stupak–Pitts and Hyde amendements, abortion funding and what the hell is happening with healthcare reform.

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Twitter: @janehamsher

Fan requested interview of Palestinian activist, award-winning author and all-round badass Anna Baltzer. Topics covered include the conflict in the Middle East, AIPAC and the Israel lobby in the US and whether the media blackout of Palestinian suffering is a conscious act or down to the US public being dissensitised to the situation.Moral of the story: If Jon Stewart heavily censors your interview and you cause the first heckling on the Daily Show you get to come on Citizen Radio!

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Twitter: @anna_baltzer

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