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Episode #243 Interviews with Ian Murphy from the Buffalo Beast about his epic prank of Gov. Walker, journalist Austin Mackell (@austingmackell) about the evolution of Egypt's revolution, and Allison plays audio from the US Uncut NYC protest, which includes an interview with Jonathan Tasini, an activist and organizer who challenged New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in the Democratic primary for the 2010 Senate special election.

Also, Jamie shares stories from Toronto involving pot, old women, and a suspicious pool table.

Citizen Radio will be in Austin March 2-5, and Citizen Radio Live! with Sarah Silverman, Only Son, and a SUPER MASSIVE musical guest is March 11. Get tix here: Totally no pressure, but it's the month of Allison's birth, and if you don't come out to support the shows, she'll hate you forever.

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