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Episode #178 Allison and Jamie are still in the land of Oz, and visited Villawood, home of a refugee prison. Their kind tour guide, Daniel Burke, organizes trips to the prison to lift the spirits of the inmates whose only crime appears to be not having drowned. Parties interested in visiting these unconscionable prisons (and Citizen Radio highly recommends that you do,) should contact Daniel on Facebook: 

They share their experiences meeting with the refugee prisoners, and Jamie shares his initial doubts about the tour, and then explains why the entire visit was a life-changing experience. 

A follow-up to the "mosquito" story. Youth activists have scored a huge victory and successfully lobbied to have the sound weapons taken down in the D.C. area. 

Taser International has finally decided to acknowledge that its weapons - ya' know - kill people. 

In Tennessee, a man had to watch as his home burned to the ground...all because he didn't pay the $75 fire department protection fee. Allison explains why this story is a glimpse into the dystopian future of Conservative leadership.

It's the heroic return of the One Minute Fuck Yous! The subjects this week are the country of Australia (at least a substantial part of it,) and Rand Paul.

Finally, it's time for more of your Listener Mail! Your questions/comments this week include praise from Union Bill, bands selling their songs to car commercials, and advice from zombies. Also, another listener is banished for being a tool.


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Episode #177 An Israeli military court has convicted soldiers of using a 9-year-old Palestinian boy as a human shield. The soldiers used the boy to check backs for explosives during the Gaza war. The convictions are the first serious ones in the criminal investigations into soldiers' behavior during the Gaza invasion.

Allison explains why it may be premature to celebrate Elizabeth Warren's largely symbolic appointment as an advisor on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  

Governor Terminator has proposed draconian cuts to California's budget, including the elimination of California's welfare-to-work program and virtually all child care for low income families. Allison talks about the "fiscal Conservative" hypocrites who bash Obama's stimulus, while accepting federal aid.

More states have decided to allow guns in bars. The Times reports that Tennessee is one of four states, along with Arizona, Georgia and Virginia, that recently enacted laws explicitly allowing loaded guns in bars. (Eighteen other states allow weapons in restaurants that serve alcohol.)

It's time for more of your Listener Mail! Today features questions from an illegal immigrant, an Iraq war veteran, ACLU Linda, and a 13-year-old atheist. 

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Episode #176 Citizen Radio interviews System Of a Down's Serj Tankian about Obama's, and Democrats', capitulations, activism's role in music, his advice to young musicians, the dangerous ideas of wall and borders, and the need for civil disobedience.'s Chris Hardwick talks about nerds, rednecks, and comedy.

Update on Citizen Radio's Pat Robertson-inspired 500 Club: There are now 65 paying members of Citizen Radio! Big thanks, and spread the word to become a member at!


Researchers have found a 40-fold increase in carcinogenic compounds in the Gulf. Allison talks about BP's responsibility in the region, and how the consequences of dispersants won't be fully understood for decades, which is why it's important to hold BP accountable before they slip out the back door.


Listener Mail! Your questions/comments this week include aiding Alan Grayson and Russ Feingold even if you don't live in their states, and from the comfort of your own home by volunteering for phonebanks. Interested parties, contact "Brooke Dressler" on Facebook for information on how to help.

Also, Allison and Jamie talk about how they don't hate the Amish, the dangers of the surveillance state, why you shouldn't be ashamed of being a vegetarian, and why it's important to stand up to bullies.



It's the triumphant return of the One Minute Fuck Yous! The subjects this week are Tom Coburn and Rahm Emanuel. 

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Episode #175 The punk band Rise Against joins Citizen Radio to discuss anti-war music (and the lack of it,) corporate media, and veganism. This interview was conducted at Bumbershoot, and if you listen carefully, you'll hear the distance guitar tuning of Ms. Courtney Love (or so the legends say). Check out Rise Against's new DVD, "Another Station: Another Mile."

Allison and Jamie discuss how the government spies on activism groups, including the disturbing recent story of an Israeli private contractor hired by Gov. Ed Rendell's office to spy on those dangerous eco-terrorists and anti-death penalty hooligans.

President Obama continues to tell Progressives to shut up and take it for the sake of "civil liberties," a statement so profoundly hypocritical it should make your head explode, (although hopefully it hasn't).

It's the triumphant return of the One Minute Fuck Yous! The belittled this week include Mrs. Sarah Palin and the irreplaceable Dennis Miller.


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Episode #174 Citizen Radio welcomes special guest, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow! Topics of discussion include Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Democrats, corporate media, and what makes her happy.

Allison talks about how she almost destroyed the Rachel Maddow show, and Jamie reads some of your Listener Mail. Your questions/comments this week involve the Bush era tax cuts, pacifism, and a listener perfectly sums up Citizen Radio.

This is Citizen Radio's first independently broadcast podcast, so the show is officially relient on listener support. Visit and become a member. (Allison and Jamie will send you lots of neat gifts in thanks!)

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Episode #173 Citizen Radio is officially an independent podcast as of today! As a result, the podcast is more reliant than ever on listener support, so spread the word, and send your friends to where they can subscribe to the podcast for free.

Stay tuned this week for some incredible guests, such as Rachel Maddow, Anti-Flag, Rise Against, Chris Hardwick, System of a Down's Serj Tankian, Noam Chomsky, and more!

Congress failed to bring equality to the military this week when they refused to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Allison and Jamie discuss the travesty, and also why John McCain is a lying liar. 

Plus, they discuss Blanche Lincoln, the Senator from Walmart, and the need to reform the Democratic Party from the inside-out.

It's time for more of your Listener Mail! Your questions/comments this week concern what the hell to do if you're a 15-year-old atheist trapped in Kansas, and if President Obama deserves credit for shrinking the deficit by eight percent.

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Episode #172 Jamie shares more stories from Kansas, including the racist crowd-pleasing jokes he took issue with while he was there.

Allison receives a love letter from Frasier's Kelsey Grammer. Kind of.

Here's what happened: A while ago, Allison wrote an article about Grammer's newest business venture: "Right Network," which promises to be a pro-business, pro-military pro-nationalist television channel. Because as we all know, there aren't enough Capitalistic, militaristic, pro-US, old, white males on the teevee.

There have been a lot of stand-up Citizen Radio fans this week, who get some special shout-outs in this episodes, including the Kansas fans who came out to support Jamie, and the London fans, who met up for the Protest the Pope gathering. Great job, you Comrades Of The Week!

Finally, it's time for more of your Listener Mail! Your questions/comments this week involves feeding the homeless, Jamie's 9/11 song, and Citizen Radio's meanest banishment ever.

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Episode #171 Jamie talks through his trauma, which is a result of doing morning radio in Kansas, including his colorful interactions with anti-Semites and Democratic bigots.

Allison interviews special guest, journalist Doug Henwood about the deficit hysteria, the Obama administration's abandonment of labor, and if there can ever be a true "recovery" when unemployment remains so high.

Check out The Real News' series of highly informative interviews with Doug.

Christine O'Donnell is the new crazy, crazy face of the Tea Party. Every day, it seems new, hilarious quotes surface from O'Donnell's past, including the time she said: "American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains. So they’re already into this experiment." Beware the mice men!

Allison scolds the establishment media for not holding the deficit hypocrites accountable even as centrist Democrats actively work to increase the deficit, while claiming they're "fiscally conservative."

It's time for more Listener mail! Your questions/comments this week involve using the word "retard," and a listener gets banished by Jamie for complaining about Citizen Radio's condemnation of alcohol and meat-eating.

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Episode #170 The next time one of your little wiener Libertarian friends says government is always the problem, and never the solution, tell them about Dr. Frances Oldham Kelsey, who saved thousands of children from being born with flipper arms.

Allison and Jamie discuss Libertarians, including Rand Paul, and how deregulation bloodhounds have hollowed out the state, made regulation ineffective, which led to horrific accidents like the Massey mine explosion and BP oil rig disaster.

Citizen Radio has received lots of mail asking for fliers, which don't exist, so it's up to YOU talented people to make some! Send your CR fliers to Allison and Jamie at

Next, it's time for your Listener Mail! Your questions/comments this week involve Meghan McCain (and if you should hate her,) homelessness, cutting down on meat, and how to defeat the evil Rep. Peter T. King.

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Episode #169 One in seven Americans lived in poverty in 2009, the highest level since the 1960s.

Citizen Radio talks about why most poor people shouldn't feel ashamed because their debt has been acquired in a rigged system that requires the underclass overuse credit in order to survive.

The largest lobbying group in the world, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, has been accused of tax fraud.

Allison discusses the story of Spc. Alyssa Peterson, who killed herself after refusing  orders to participate in torture.

Iraq-based U.S. soldiers respond to President Obama's declaration that they are "non-combat" troops.

Finally, it's time for more of your Listener Mail! In this very special edition, one of you is banished for being an idiot, and another is praised for recommending an ethical business. Also, Allison and Jamie discuss the corporate sponsorship of music festivals.

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