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Episode #198 It's the debut of a new segment: "What The Fuck Did They Just Do?" in which Allison lists some amazing Tea Party/Republican Party moments this week, and Jamie responds appropriately. This week, Tea Party supporters and Republicans have filibustered legislation for an equal pay act, opposed sustainable development proposals, and announced birthright citizenship will be the target of the new GOP-controlled House.

It's time for more of your Listener Mail! Your questions/comments this week involve Sharia law, calling your representative, how Citizen Radio almost made one of you puke, and hunting. 

Also, a creepy baby may or may not join the show at some point.

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Episode #197 Jamie and Allison discuss Dubya's moment of oversharing, and why his mother's vulnerability could have been an epiphany to motivate him to support women's right - but instead turned into his excuse to be an anti-choice monster. 

Next, Allison and Jamie talk about their life on the road, and cap off the episode with answering tons of your Listener Mail.

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Episode #196 Allison and Jamie analyze the Maddow-Stewart interview, and discuss the Catfood Commission, which Jamie would like to rename the "Fuck Grandma Commission." Plus, Fox News bashes old people. Finally, it's time for more of your Listener Mail! 

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Episode #195 UK students protested massive tuition hikes yesterday, and apart from a small group of rogue, violent persons, they showed young people everywhere what passionate demonstration looks like. Allison and Jamie talk about why the actions of a minority shouldn't discredit the movement as a whole.

Sarah Palin is fighting for your right to be a fatass. Also, the Catfood Commission released recommendations to fuck your grandmother yesterday. Allison and Jamie talk about why that's a bad thing, and also chat about how Glenn Beck has a hard-on for George Soros, which is weird.

It's time for more of your Listener Mail! Topics this week include vegan chocolate, eating animals, if violence is ever an acceptable form of protest, Prop 19, if being a Progressive in a red state is enough, a question from a Conservative Christian listener, and Jamie loses it whilst talking about homophobia. 

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Episode #194 Citizen Radio devotes an entire episode to your Listener Mail! Questions/comments this week include international meet-ups, factory farms, abortion, gay-straight hugging, and more! 

Also, Allison and Jamie discuss Dubya's book tour, the pitiful softball interview conducted by NBC's Matt Lauer, and how the CIA destroyed torture tapes.

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Episode #193 Jamie offers a shout-out to the Bay area, and a not-so-enthusiastic shout-out to a whole lot of pissed off white people.

Next, Citizen Radio discusses the stupid decision to suspend Keith Olbermann for *gasp!* being liberal, and also revisits the Rally For Sanity. 

BART Officer Johannes Mehserle received two years in prison for murdering Oscar Grant. Allison and Jamie talk about the importance of the story, and why it should be receiving more attention from the establishment media.

It's time for more of your Listener Mail! Your questions/comments this week concern finding a Progressive support group and another listener goes vegetarian!

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Episode #192 Citizen Radio Live! at UCB Theatre in New York City. Special guests: musical genius Reggie Watts, comic Todd Barry, and Princeton professor and author, Melissa Harris-Perry. 

Allison and Jamie open the show reading a ridiculous article, written by a ridiculous woman named Danielle Crittenden, who decided to publicly defend the fact that she's a racist.

Reggie Watts performs his special breed of crazy musical wonderment, and dedicates a song to Citizen Radio. Melissa Harris-Perry grades President Obama's performance thus far, discusses GOP racism, offers her opinion on Juan Williams' firing, abortion, and gay rights. Todd Barry recalls how he and Jamie first met, then answers some personal questions about his childhood (including his pet cat,) and talks about why he hates fat jokes. 

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Episode #191 Citizen Radio discusses the midterm results, including the loss of Russ Feingold and Alan Grayson, two of the most stalwart liberal voices in Congress. Ron Johnson's victory over Feingold comes courtesy of Citizens United, which allows endless corporate money (donated by frequently anonymous donors) to manipulate the outcome of political elections. 

Also, Allison and Jamie discuss the "good news" about Harry Reid defeating crazy, crazy Sharron Angle. 

Prop 19 failed in California, and President Obama gloated about the proposition failing. It turns out, a whole lot of scared, old people turned out to vote against legalizing marijuana, which again shows the importance of young people voting.

Citizen Radio answers your Listener Mail about the midterms. Your questions/comments include feeling disillusioned by the results, not losing hope, and why it's so important you keep fighting for change. Also, a listener in Texas sends out a SOS for some help with his dead car. 

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Episode #190 Allison opens the show with a ridiculous quote from a ridiculous man, Governor Sean Parnell, who said, "I really don't know. For either one of us to [answer] is quite speculative," in response to being asked if Earth is 6,000 or 6 billion-years-old.

According to a recent UK study, alcohol is the most dangerous drug - worse than heroine, and nearly 4 times worse than pot. Allison and Jamie talk about their own experiences with alcohol, and also the need to end all kinds of prohibition, which is why recent ballot initiatives like Prop 19 are so important for the country's future.

Jamie discusses his disdain for CNN anchor Tony Harris, and Allison talks about how Fox Business Network recently focused on something called the "War on Business," including a California ballot initiative that parent company News Corp. has spent $1.3 million to defeat, according to the New York Times. Journalmalism, FTW!

Oklahoma has a ballot initiative to ban Sharia law in the United States. Allison says it's about time! (not really.) Jamie explains why this may not be the best way to woo moderate Muslims. 

It's time for more of your Listener Mail! Questions/comments this week concern the length of the show (and being a spoiled brat,) and why changing your mind isn't a bad thing.

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Episode #189 It turns out Halliburton and BP were aware that the cement used in the Deeepwater Horizon's oil rig was deeply flawed. Allison argues that this makes the companies criminally culpable for the deaths of the 11 rig workers, who the media appears to have completely forgotten about.

Also in BP news, Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary, Robert Barham, says the oil and Corexit used in the Gulf could "linger for as long as 300 years." There are also reports of a new oil plume, which makes it difficult to buy the narrative that the oil miraculously disappeared. 

ABC has hired notorious conman Andrew Breitbart to participate in their election night coverage. 

Meanwhile, Jamie has discovered he may be dyslexic, which explains so, so much. 

Citizen Radio answers more of your Listener Mail! Questions and comments this week include feedback about transexual sensitivity, going home to see Republican asshole relatives for the holidays, and how to cope when working for The Man. 

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