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Episode #188 Allison and Jamie discuss Gawker's unfortunate and pointless gossip column featuring Christine O'Donnell's unshaven vagina, and the $4 billion midterms. Specifically, Allison talks about the false equivalency of comparing union campaign spending to private corporate cash:, and the overall influence of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision. 

It's time for more of your Listener Mail! Questions and comments this week include how to be an ethical consumer without driving yourself insane (and how Jamie fucked up as a consumer,) and productive activism.

Finally, Best Of The Left's ( Jay Tomlinson joins the show to debate the merits of the Rally To Restore Sanity, and also to play "Who Would You Fight?"

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Episode #187 Blue America founder, Howie Klein, also known as the man behind the blog Down With Tyranny (,) joins Citizen Radio to give the state-by-state rundown of Progressive candidates duking it out in the midterms. If you're feeling disillusioned with centrist Democrats, listen to this episode to see if a Blue America-backed candidate is running in your state!

Also, support the excellent work done by Blue America by donating at this page:

It's time for more of your Listener Mail! Today's mail was sent in by Paul From Utah, who wants to know if the vegan lifestyle is irreconcilable with pro-choice activism. 

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Episode #186 The punk band Bad Religion is celebrating 30 years of rocking your face off, and lead singer and co-founder of Bad Religion, Greg Graffin, joins the show to talk about his new book, "Anarchy Evolution," which you can pick up here:

Other topics of discussion include: what punk and the natural sciences have in common, nihilism, bullying, atheism, and of course, what makes Greg happy.

Allison explains how Walmart is working to manipulate its employees (, the drama over Wikileaks' latest leaked documents, and how the media is - once again - missing the point entirely.

Finally, it's time for more of your Listener Mail! Your questions/comments this week include metalhead love, and quitting your dull job to pursue your dreams.

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Episode #185 UPDATED: Fixed sound! "[Evolution is] ridiculous -- I haven't seen a half-monkey, half-person yet" -- Glenn Beck.  

Allison and Jamie attempt to unpack Beck's quote, explain evolution, and briefly worry about the attachment of the word "yet." 

Next, they discuss the firing of Juan Williams, the former NPR news analyst, who was sacked for making disparaging comments about Muslims. Hilariously, Andrew Breitbart claims Williams was "Shirley Sherroded." Reminder: Shirley Sherrod was the former Department of Agriculture official, who was fired after Breitbart leaked video of Sherrod that was edited to make it appear as though she made a racist statement (she was actually making the opposite point). 

Jamie had a disastrous experience with a Democratic fundraiser. He explains his ordeal, including how a DJ/veteran cut his mic.

It's time for more of your Listener Mail! Questions/comments this week come from Japan, the UK, and the United States, and concern UK refugee prisons, dealing with your (possibly extremely Catholic) parents, and generally fucking shit up.

Also, the Katharine Hepburns may or may not duel again in this episode.


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Episode #184 Noam Chomsky joins Citizen Radio to discuss his friend, the late Howard Zinn, refugee prisons, debt, Capitalism, and love.  

Allison discusses Rep. Louis Gohmert's batshit insane comments about the U.S. being a Christian nation, and Citizen Radio answers a bunch of your Listener Mail!  

Questions/comments this week include: Alan Grayson's loyalty to AIPAC, fan mail from Africa, Jon in Taiwan shares a story about ancient Rome's privatization assholes, and how to talk to Conservatives.

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Episode #183 Special guest Salon blogger, bestselling author, and constitutional lawyer Glenn Greenwald joins Citizen Radio to discuss a wide range of issues.

Topics include: How the Obama administration has continued Bush era policies, why the War on Drugs is similar to the War on Terror, Elena Kagan, cause and effect in the War On Terror, Jon Stewart and false equivalencies, the unconstitutional detention of Guantanamo prisoners, gay teen suicides and the Obama administration's treatment of the LGBT community, third party candidates, America's collapsing empire, and of course...puppies.

But first, Allison and Jamie discuss the sad and strange story of Katherine O'Connor, who was denied an inhaler by a CVS pharmacist because she couldn't pay the $21.50 for her medication (Katherine only had $20). Jamie likens this story to the one about a Tennessee man, who called the fire department when his house caught on fire, but the firefighters let his home burn to the ground because he hadn't paid a $75 fire protection fee, and the larger trend of privatization sweeping the country.

Finally, it's time for more of your Listener Mail! Your questions/comments this week include how to be an 13-year-old Canadian activist, the times Citizen Radio has made you cry and/or laugh in public like a crazy person, and why you definitely shouldn't be an apathetic hipster douche bag, but you also shouldn't beat yourself up, either.

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Episode #182 Allison explains why the outpouring of support for the Chilean miners means the world loves laborers, which is why it's important to protect them with strong industry regulations.

A Ft. Worth, Texas City Councilman named Joel Burns delivered an extremely moving "it gets better" speech in which he speaks directly to young gay teens.

It's time for more of your Listener Mail! Your questions/comments this week involve an interesting take on the recent LGBT suicide stories, Che Guevara, and being a baby boomer Citizen Radio fan. Next week, we'll get to your feedback about a recent listener mail about Australian immigration (and boy! Are you guys pissed!)

Also, there may or may not be weird Katharine Hepburn impersonations. M'justsayin'.

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Episode #181 There has been a string of gay teen suicides lately. Allison and Jamie discuss the homophobic culture that facilitates these terrible tragedies, and also why their gay teen listeners shouldn't let a few high school bullies destroy their lives.

Allison compares a recent police conviction of a Greek officer, who killed a young a teenager, to the Oscar Grant trial.

Then, it's time for more of your Listener Mail! Your questions/comment this week concern eating meat, gun rights, immigration, responses to other idiotic Listener Mail, and one of you may, or may not, get banished. Tune in!

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Episode #180 Anti-Flag's Pat Thetic talks activism, music, and his pet gold fish. Later, Comedian Eddie Pepitone joins the show to discuss The Daily Show's downside, corporate media, and the importance of staying true to your ideals.

As always, please support original voices such as Anti-Flag ( and Eddie Also, follow Eddie on Twitter

Before the interviews, Allison and Jamie discuss Jamie's show at the Manning bar in Sydney where he destroyed a couple of dumb hecklers. Check out the video here:

It's time for more of your Listener Mail! Your questions/comments this week include a question from Nurse Boy about how to convince an older relative that watching FOX News is a bad idea, and why fighting for moral causes is still the good fight.

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Episode #179 The wonderful Ava Vidal ( joins Citizen Radio to discuss sexism, racism, and homophobia in comedy. Ava also talks about the importance of speaking up when one witnesses injustice. 

She brings a unique perspective to the comedy world. A mother of two, and a former prison guard, Ava works in a thoroughly male-dominated industry. Today, she offers some words of advice to machismo comedians who make it their business to bully and belittle vulnerable minorities on stage.

Later, Jamie and Allison answer more of your Listener Mail! Your questions/comments this week concern fleeing the country, and finding volunteers to help Billy Kennedy defeat crazy, crazy Virginia Fox (interested parties should call 336-724-5941 for information.) 

Also, look for a very special guest appearance from Drunken Uganda. 

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Episode #178 Allison and Jamie are still in the land of Oz, and visited Villawood, home of a refugee prison. Their kind tour guide, Daniel Burke, organizes trips to the prison to lift the spirits of the inmates whose only crime appears to be not having drowned. Parties interested in visiting these unconscionable prisons (and Citizen Radio highly recommends that you do,) should contact Daniel on Facebook: 

They share their experiences meeting with the refugee prisoners, and Jamie shares his initial doubts about the tour, and then explains why the entire visit was a life-changing experience. 

A follow-up to the "mosquito" story. Youth activists have scored a huge victory and successfully lobbied to have the sound weapons taken down in the D.C. area. 

Taser International has finally decided to acknowledge that its weapons - ya' know - kill people. 

In Tennessee, a man had to watch as his home burned to the ground...all because he didn't pay the $75 fire department protection fee. Allison explains why this story is a glimpse into the dystopian future of Conservative leadership.

It's the heroic return of the One Minute Fuck Yous! The subjects this week are the country of Australia (at least a substantial part of it,) and Rand Paul.

Finally, it's time for more of your Listener Mail! Your questions/comments this week include praise from Union Bill, bands selling their songs to car commercials, and advice from zombies. Also, another listener is banished for being a tool.


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Episode #177 An Israeli military court has convicted soldiers of using a 9-year-old Palestinian boy as a human shield. The soldiers used the boy to check backs for explosives during the Gaza war. The convictions are the first serious ones in the criminal investigations into soldiers' behavior during the Gaza invasion.

Allison explains why it may be premature to celebrate Elizabeth Warren's largely symbolic appointment as an advisor on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  

Governor Terminator has proposed draconian cuts to California's budget, including the elimination of California's welfare-to-work program and virtually all child care for low income families. Allison talks about the "fiscal Conservative" hypocrites who bash Obama's stimulus, while accepting federal aid.

More states have decided to allow guns in bars. The Times reports that Tennessee is one of four states, along with Arizona, Georgia and Virginia, that recently enacted laws explicitly allowing loaded guns in bars. (Eighteen other states allow weapons in restaurants that serve alcohol.)

It's time for more of your Listener Mail! Today features questions from an illegal immigrant, an Iraq war veteran, ACLU Linda, and a 13-year-old atheist. 

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Episode #176 Citizen Radio interviews System Of a Down's Serj Tankian about Obama's, and Democrats', capitulations, activism's role in music, his advice to young musicians, the dangerous ideas of wall and borders, and the need for civil disobedience.'s Chris Hardwick talks about nerds, rednecks, and comedy.

Update on Citizen Radio's Pat Robertson-inspired 500 Club: There are now 65 paying members of Citizen Radio! Big thanks, and spread the word to become a member at!


Researchers have found a 40-fold increase in carcinogenic compounds in the Gulf. Allison talks about BP's responsibility in the region, and how the consequences of dispersants won't be fully understood for decades, which is why it's important to hold BP accountable before they slip out the back door.


Listener Mail! Your questions/comments this week include aiding Alan Grayson and Russ Feingold even if you don't live in their states, and from the comfort of your own home by volunteering for phonebanks. Interested parties, contact "Brooke Dressler" on Facebook for information on how to help.

Also, Allison and Jamie talk about how they don't hate the Amish, the dangers of the surveillance state, why you shouldn't be ashamed of being a vegetarian, and why it's important to stand up to bullies.



It's the triumphant return of the One Minute Fuck Yous! The subjects this week are Tom Coburn and Rahm Emanuel. 

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