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Episode #102

David Brooks thinks the rich work harder than the poor, and also, President Obama “throws like a Democrat.”

Employers are now checking applicants’ credit scores during the hiring process. This practice, combined with a corporate culture of slave labor (unpaid internships and part-time employees), and a reversal of Progressive achievements have created a permanent underclass (

Then, it’s time for LISTENER MAIL! Your questions this week involve why Citizen Radio is so awesome, tanning, journalism, and abandoning the mainstream.
Allison and Jamie thank “The Givers”, which is what right-wing radio host, Laura Ingraham, calls the rich.

CNN plans to broadcast a documentary called IOUSA, created by billionaire Pete Peterson, who wants to dismantle Social Security. CNN has not invited any pro-Social Security advocate onto this program to balance this conservative propaganda. Tell CNN to stop airing deficit propaganda here:

OLC nominee, Dawn Johnsen, has officially withdrawn her nomination. Johnsen was one of the only voices in the wilderness who wanted to hold the Bush administration accountable for its crimes. However, now that the Obama administration is continuing the Bush regime’s behavior, Johnsen is a threat to business as usual, and she was quickly disposed of.

Supreme Court Justice Stevens is retiring, and the frontrunner to replace him, Elena Kagan, would radically shift the court to the right. (

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