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Episode #99

Citizen Radio discusses Mike McConnell, the Washington Post, the dangers of sleazy corporatism ( , and the war on WikiLeaks (

Blanche Lincoln is fighting to revise history and pretend she was an advocate for health care reform all along (

Next, an investigation into leaked emails by British climate scientists (known as “Climategate”) that appeared to indicate a conspiracy to manipulate data to bolster a case for global warming has cleared the scientists of wrongdoing.

The Washington Post calls the report “mixed,” and Allison explains why that’s wrong.
President Obama has reversed a ban on oil drilling off most U.S. shores. There’s speculation that Obama did this to gain Republican support, which worked awesomely during the health care debate.

According to a recent USA Today poll, more Americans blame Democrats more than any other group for inciting the violence and vandalism post-health care reform.
Allison explains “asset forfeitures.” Though the US legal mantra has traditionally been innocent until proven guilty, asset forfeitures turn that concept on its head, leaving the accused guilty until they have proven themselves innocent. Basically, it’s legalized stealing with cops playing the role of robbers. (

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