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Episode #98

First up, Islam, atheism, and why liberals are afraid to criticize non-Christian extremism.

Next, Citizen Radio reads some sweet, sweet LISTENER MAIL!

Allison and Jamie talk about the benefits (and limits) of internet activism, how different types of people bring different important assets to the activist community (even if you’re an introverted math nerd), and why old people are awesome.

Allison discusses General Stanley McChrystal’s amazing comment: ““We have shot an amazing number of people, but to my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a threat,” and how that is the admission of war crimes. (

The Great Welfare Warriors, including Mike “A thousand little Waco’s” Vanderboegh, take government disability cash, while crying about the dangers of Socialism. ( Citizen Radio discusses this, and other teabagger shenanigans, and how the Republican Party leadership has not properly condemned the death threats and violence emanating from their base (

Finally, the Vatican apologists keep covering for child rapist priests, including The New York Times’s own Ross Douthat (

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