Citizen Radio

Episode #93

First up, Allison and Jamie "welcome" back a very special friend (,) who somehow forced his way into doing the traffic report after a disastrous stint at Citizen Radio's weatherman.

Also, Jamie reads some LISTENER MAIL!

Next, Citizen Radio welcomes special guest, comic W. Kamau Bell (! Kamau joins Citizen Radio to discuss Lost, race, racism in stand-up comedy, Obama, teabaggers, and what makes him happy.

His CD is called "Face Full of Flour." It's awesome, and lucky for you, it’s also available on iTunes (, from Amazon (, and at ( Buy, buy, buy!

To wet your appetite, listen to this episode, which features a couple hilarious tracks from the CD.

According to Margaret Cho herself, "W. Kamau Bell is the most important guy doing comedy right now. Do yourself a favor and go see him. He's got the most astute, hilarious and completely righteous material going and he's going to be a legend in his own lifetime like Richard Pryor and Lenny Bruce. Think Bill Hicks but slightly taller."

This, and all CR podcasts, are brought to you by the good folks at Vegan Essentials ( Shop there for all your vegan needs, and tell 'em Citizen Radio sent you!

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