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Episode #63

Citizen Radio discusses Obama's West Point speech, and the similar rhetoric being used during the Afghanistan and Iraq debates. The US has destabilized Afghanistan, propped up a highly corrupt government, including high-ranking officials accused of murder and rape, and now has the audacity to claim Afghanistan will not get anymore "blank checks."

Allison and Jamie also discuss media bias and war. A new study shows that newspapers, by far, favor pro-war columnists over anti-war writers.

Next, a discussion about why Capitalism and Imperialism – two ideologies that haven't been working too well lately -- are permitted to go on unexamined by the hegemonic minority.

Citizen Radio apologizes for being too hard Meet The Press the other day by fussing that MTP rarely includes leftist voices on its panels. Now, Allison and Jamie understand that the producers of the longest-running television show in worldwide broadcasting history can't include leftist perspectives because they have to create a "safe space" for the views of people like pastor Rick Warren, who recently refused to condemn the idea of a death penalty for gays in Uganda, and who was a recent guest on MTP.

In the second half, a discussion about the phenomenon of the "Christian side-hug," which you should watch immediately on Youtube if you have not already done so by now. Some Christians are teaching young people not to hug normally because of the potential for indecent groin contact. The solution is to think: HWJH: How Would Jesus Hug? Answer: The Lord sayeth: Gimmie that Christian side-hug.

Lastly, Jamie and Erik Prince, the CEO of Blackwater, both love the film "Taken." Jamie tries to defend this reality.

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