Citizen Radio

Episode #66

On this week's Citizen Radio: Jamie lashes out at United Airlines in a very unbiased, journalistic fashion.

Some Progressives are mad at Matt Taibbi for his latest article in Rolling Stone. Taibbi has dared to point out the obvious: The president has packed his economic team with Wall Street insiders intent on turning the bailout into an all-out giveaway. Read it here: Allison argues the Progressives are experiencing the stages of grief, and they appear to be stuck in the "denial" stage.

Next, Allison and Jamie discuss the gluttonous tendencies of Floridian tourists.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates had kind of a rough trip to Afghanistan and Iraq. Actually, it was a total disaster. Citizen Radio recounts the debacle that took place, including the Iraqi PM standing up Gates, and Karzai admitting Afghans would not be able to pay for their own security forces until 2024.

The media is once again focusing on shiny things that don't matter. This times, they're super pissed a black, rich athlete slept with an army of blonde women. Allison recounts the media circus here:, and all the actually important stories that aren't being reported because of the media's fixation on Tiger's penis.

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