Citizen Radio

Episode #54

Special guests Glenn Greenwald and Fisher Stevens

Allison and Jamie also discuss awful Joe Lieberman and J-Street.

Glenn Greenwald is an American lawyer, columnist, blogger at, and author. Greenwald worked as a constitutional and civil rights litigator prior to becoming a blogger. He has also contributed to other newspapers and political news magazines, including The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times.

Greenwald is the author of three books, How Would a Patriot Act?, A Tragic Legacy, both New York Times bestsellers; and Great American Hypocrites.

He was selected, along with Democracy Now's Amy Goodman, as the recipient of the first annual Izzy Award by the Park Center for Independent Media, an award named after famed independent journalist I.F. "Izzy" Stone and devoted to rewarding excellence in independent journalism.

Glenn's blog is required reading for any self-respecting citizen, so check him out!

Topics of discussion include:

Drug decriminalization 
Liberals' refusal to criticize President Obama 
Mainstream media 
FOX News, and 
Chickenhawks (including our favorite armchair warrior, Joe Lieberman)

Next, Fisher Stevens is the award-winning director of The War Against War, a film tribute to UN Peacekeepers. Stevens is best known as a character actor, who played the doomed George Minkowski in ABC's LOST.

Stevens joins Citizens Radio to talk about the successes and failures of the "Blue Hats," the UN Peacekeepers and his near-death experience while filming The War Against War.

Upcoming guests include historian Howard Zinn and author, lecturer and activist for Palestinian rights, Anna Baltzer!
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