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Episode #59

All about the time Jamie saved author of Blackwater, Jeremy Scahill, from a crazy man.

But first: The Unfunny But Totally Real headlines: Learn about the world, while sitting on your ass, and feel like you're actually doing something. It'll only take two minutes, and then you’ll be able to sound smart to your apathetic, hipster douchebag friends.

As always: try to spot the Fox News headlines. Hidden somewhere within the Unfunny But Totally Real Headlines is a real headline from Fox. It's real – not made up – it's an actual headlines from Fox News.

This week, Jamie's brother Marc, along with Amnesty International, hosted an event at Columbia University. Jeremy Scahill, along with attorney Susan Burke, and moderator Scott Horton, participated in a discussion about military contractors.

The event went splendidly until a Conservative participated in the event the only way he knows how – by being a loud, crazy asshole.

If you haven't done so already, check out Jeremy Scahill’s Blackwater, the craziest true story you will ever read: Also, read Jeremy's blog every day at Rebel Reports:

Upcoming guests include Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and journalist Barbara Ehrenreich! Stay tuned!
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