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Episode #57

Dual interviews, this is one for the ages!

Jane Hamsher - Founder of progressive blog FireDogLake, co-producer of Oliver Stone movie Natural Born Killers, constantly on Rachel Maddow and the person who is going to singlehandedly save healthcare.  Topics covered: Stupak–Pitts and Hyde amendements, abortion funding and what the hell is happening with healthcare reform.

Jane Hamsher on the Web
Twitter: @janehamsher

Fan requested interview of Palestinian activist, award-winning author and all-round badass Anna Baltzer. Topics covered include the conflict in the Middle East, AIPAC and the Israel lobby in the US and whether the media blackout of Palestinian suffering is a conscious act or down to the US public being dissensitised to the situation. 

Moral of the story: If Jon Stewart heavily censors your interview and you cause the first heckling on the Daily Show you get to come on Citizen Radio! 

The second half of Anna's interview can be heard on the follow-up episode #57, 18 November 2009.

Anna Baltzer on the Web
Twitter: @anna_baltzer

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