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Episode #48

The CEO of ACORN, Bertha Lewis, visits Citizen Radio to explain what ACORN does when FOX News is not portraying it as a Socialist prostitution ring. ACORN helps low and moderate-income families find affordable housing and registers poor people and minorities to vote. Surprisingly, Republicans don’t like them. Bertha Lewis is not afraid of them. Badass. Read Allison's article about the Lewis interview and the GOP's unsurprising (and repeated) attacks against ACORN here:

Also, why you should burn your credit cards, clips from Jamie's new CD, news from Swine Flu-land AKA Australia, all about the Senate killing the public option, Zombie Jesus (listen to it now, before it's banned!) and why your parents may be disappointed with your decision to be an artist, and why you shouldn't care about their disappointment.

Zombie Jesus is available for purchase online. Just visit and click on "Store" to buy the CD via Paypal.

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