Citizen Radio

Episode # 51

Citizen Radio tells positive thinking to suck it!

Why being apathetic isn't cool

Jamie gets a bottle thrown at him

Miguel "the fucking" Fish

New hate mail!

The National Equality March

Lt. Dan Choi's speech against "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

The gay witch hunt against Assistant Deputy Secretary at the Department of Education for the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools, Kevin Jennings, and how the media is working with the right to hunt down and discredit an innocent man because he's gay

Yet another former Goldman Sachs executive, Adam Storch, is being appointed to a financial watchdog position

Brain boners!

A man in Texas is planning to camp on his Congress representative's lawn if Congress fails to extend unemployment benefits. Citizen Radio thinks this is a GREAT idea!

The positive thinking scam: why thinking positively distracts from the big problems like Corporatism, sexism, and hyper-Capitalism as described by author Barbara Ehrenreich in her new book "Bright-Sided."

Citizen Radio wants to remind all you kids out there: Don't get positive in the face of injustice. Get angry!

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