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Episode #50

Citizen Radio discusses Obama's Nobel Peace Prize and his big gay rights speech. Also, the shitty (literally) meat industry, Australian blackface, Senator Al "Kickin' Ass" Franken, private contractor rape, White People Problems, global warming denier James Inhofe, the useless Senate, and liberal solidarity.

Allison discusses a new undercover investigation video scandal, one you probably haven't seen covered on the news ad nauseam like the ACORN story. You probably haven't heard about it because the story concerns gun shows. Read all about it here:

Jamie expresses his outrage and hatred for rich people, and discusses his White People Problems. Next, Allison argues for the abolishment of the Senate, a governmental body that over-represents sparsely populated states, and under-represents huge metropolitan areas.

Citizen Radio talks about Senator James Inhofe (R-OK,) global warming denier, who will be attending the climate change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Seriously. USA! USA!

While Obama talked about several positive things in his gay rights speech (namely the Matthew Sheppard hate crime law,) there were several issues he dodged, including gay marriage. On the plus side, Obama swore to overturn "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," and expressed support for anti-discrimination legislation. Read about how gay marriage equality is only the tip of the iceberg over here:

Last, liberal solidarity, what that means, and why you should care about it.

Come out and support Jamie at the Comedy Store in Sydney if you’re in the area! He's there until October 17! Jamie's new CD, Zombie Jesus, is available at at the store.

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