Citizen Radio

Episode #49

On this very special episode, the Unfunny But Totally Real Headlines make their triumphant return. Plus, more politics and comedy than you can probably handle!

Next, Allison and Jamie discuss Obama's upcoming gay rights speech, and the different ways he can mess it up.

Also, you should read this Daily Kos diary entry from a gay teenager who decided to come out to his Conservative Christian parents:

It's the debut of Democrat VS Republicans wherein Allison plays a Democrat and Jamie pretends to be a Republican. Today's topic of debate: Race. Enjoy.

Internationally renowned comedian, Glenn Wool, stops by to drop some hilarity and knowledge (and in some cases, hilarious knowledge) on us all. Citizen Radio has some clips from Wool's stand-up that demonstrate why he is the show's newest favorite comedian. Wool talks about religion, awful corporate radio, evil bankers, and how much he hates rich people.

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