Citizen Radio

Episode #45

Citizen Radio recounts a first hand experience at one of those crazy town hall meetings (including an encounter with loud protesters, and an "Obama: Speak English NOW!" bumper sticker.)

Second up: a discussion about President Obama's healthcare speech. During the historical address before a joint session of Congress, Obama mentioned a certain healthcare executive, Wendell Potter, former guest of the show. Allison and Jamie revisit the Potter interview, and also discuss Joe Wilson’s anti-immigrant outburst.

Next, an interview with Trudy Lieberman, a 30-year veteran journalist who reports on health care and consumer issues. Lieberman is a contributing editor to the Columbia Journalism Review, taught at New York University and the journalism program at Columbia University, received numerous honors and awards, and is the author of five books, including the Consumer Reports Guide to Health Services For Seniors, which was named one of the best consumer health books for 2000 by Library Journal. Allison asks Lieberman to grade Obama's speech, and the media's coverage of the healthcare reform debate.

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