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Episode #202 The FBI has thwarted another one of its own terrorist plots. There are several suspicious details of the bust involving a 19-year-old Somalian-American, including the "missing tape" that supposedly shows Mohamed Osman Mohamud committing to the bomb plot, and how the FBI paid Mohamud's rent when the no-fly list prevented him from securing a job.

Say good-bye to oxygen! Johann Hari reports that 40 percent of plant plankton, the tiny creatures that produce half the world's oxygen, and suck up planet-warming carbon dioxide, have been killed by the warming of the oceans since 1950.

Rep. Tom Hackbarth was stopped by police earlier this month in the Planned Parenthood parking lot in Highland Park after he was spotted with a gun. But don't worry. He wasn't getting ready to assassinate an abortion provider. He was just stalking a girl he'd met on the internets!

It's time for more Listener Mail! Your questions/comments this week involve unemployment benefits, giving to charity, and the importance of bloggers.

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