Citizen Radio

Episode #125

An interview with a legendary tattoo artist!

Allison and Jamie interview tattoo artist and legend, Guy Aitchison (, who many of you may remember from his guest appearance with his sister Hannah on TLC's LA Ink.

Guy has had more influence on the world of tattooing in the last decade than any other artist. His work has been published on numerous occasions in tattoo magazines including 'Outlaw Biker Tattoo Review', 'Easyrider Tattoo' , 'Skin Art', 'Skin Ink', 'International Tattoo Art' and countless others. He is also a painter and writer, publishing his own tattoo manuals: The Graphic Language for Tattooists and Special Effects for Tattooists.

He is the author of the amazing book, Organica, which covers the last 18 years of his career and focuses in particular on the abstract, free-form imagery that he is known for (

Guy agreed to tattoo wedding rings for Allison and Jamie, along with sleeves. Allison and Jamie intended to talk about tattooing with Guy, but quickly realized his knowledge and insight extend far beyond ink.

Passionate, political, and prolific, Guy talks about everything from tattooing to the human mind, to the universe, to nerds, with Allison and Jamie as he tattoos them.

And finally, in a Citizen Radio FIRST, a guest turns the tables on Allison and Jamie and interviews THEM.

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