Citizen Radio

Episode #113

Allison and Jamie discuss the video of a Missouri SWAT team storming into a family’s house in the middle of the night, shooting the family dog, terrifying a child, all in the name of a little bit of marijuana. ( Follow-up here:

Citizen Radio plays the audio from that video and then discusses the militarization of the police, the failed War on Drugs, the police state, and tasers, specifically the mob orgy reaction to a kid getting tased at a Philadelphia baseball game.

It’s the debut of a new segment: What’s Pissing You Off? The very first participant is comic and Fox News saboteur, Lee Camp (, who chose the topic of the BP oil spill.

Then, it’s time for the One-Minute Fuck Yous! Jamie rails against UK voters, and Allison yells at Missouri police officers.

In the second half of the show, Allison interviews Yanis Varoufakis, professor of Economic Theory and Director of the Department of Political Economy within the University of Athens, about the Greek economic crisis.

Varoufakis discusses the riots, class inequality, the parallels between Greek and U.S. workers, and the $30 billion IMF loans that come with a price tag of wage cuts and tax hikes on poor workers. He stresses that this is not a bailout of Greece. It’s a bailout of European banks. (’s-not-a-bailout-for-greece-it’s-a-bailout-for-european-banks/)

Varoufakis also discusses the foreign media’s depiction of the Greek people as lazy, and his fear that the propaganda will stoke anti-Greek sentiments, and also create paranoia and hatred within Greece.

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