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Episode #75

On this weekend’s Citizen Radio, Allison and Jamie discuss the tragic events in Haiti, and how the media is portraying Haiti as land of a million poor black people where bad shit constantly goes down. What isn’t being reported is that US debt policies left Haiti vulnerable to catastrophe (

If you can spare it, please help Haitians and make donations to UNICEF ( and The Red Cross (

And speaking of our stupid media, there may be illegal wars and bailouts happening right now, but Mark McGwire has shrunken balls!

This episode features the debut of a new game: “Citizen Radio BANISHES Another Listener!,” news about daddy’s boy, Harold Ford, Jr., Obama condoms, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s destruction of California, the eighth largest economy in the world. Schwarzenegger’s newest genius policy ideas consist of forcing 200,000 children off low-cost medical insurance, ending in-home care for 350,000 infirm and elderly citizens and slashing income assistance to hundreds of thousands more.

Next, there are some disturbing updates in the George Tiller murder trial, including the judge allowing Tiller’s murderer to claim his act was justified “on moral grounds,” which is essentially Al-Qaeda’s argument, as well.

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