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Rachel (@realslimchada) and Chloe (@itsthechew) join the show to discuss listening recs: Bat For Lashes, Jack Garrett, The National, Humble The Poet, Real Crime Profile, viewing recs: The Leftovers, Grand Design, and Big Dreams Small Spaces, and reading recs: Juliet Takes a Breath, How We Are Hungry, and Sex At Dawn. Also, Hope Hicks is out as White House Communications Director after confessing to "white lies," Kushner's family business received loans after White House meetings, Kushner's last shot is peace in the Middle East, YouTube bans channel of American Neo-Nazi extremist group, Trump confidant dumped millions in steel-related stock last week, West Virginia's striking teachers are badasses and their cause illustrates failures by the state, Philando Castile charity covers entire school district's lunch debt, and Trump directs EPA to begin dismantling clean water rule

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