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Chloe (@itsthechew) and Rachel (@realslimchada) join the show to discuss ghosts, murder-suicide, and street harassment. Also, the "crunch-free" Doritos chips for women was a myth but the real story is also sexist as hell, the Eagles win the Super Bowl and the media defines a "celebration" versus a "riot" (hint: it has to do with race), three Eagles players said they will boycott the White House Super Bowl visit, Justin Timberlake's underwhelming halftime show, don't use MLK's speeches about advertising's evils in ads to sell cars, Trump accuses Democrats of "treason" for not clapping for him, and threatens a government shutdown if Dems don't cave to his immigration demands

The Fun Aunts have discovered leopard print and they're FREAKING OUT. Watch, subscribe, and comment!

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