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Meredith Clark (@MeredithLClark) joins the show to discuss the trailer for Hereditary, Halt and Catch FireThe Good Place, Finnish weird literature, and Mudbound. Also, SOTU: Trump clapped a lot for himself, everyone loved Trump's horrifying story about the nice white couple taking a homeless addict's baby, Trump skipped over his racist history of dealing with immigration and announced plans to keep Guantanamo Bay open, the Congressional Black Caucus wasn't having it when Trump mentioned black unemployment, Trump overheard saying he'll "100%" release the Nunes memo as Nunes is being accused of making "material changes" to the secret memo and the FBI expressed "grave concerns" about its accuracy, Hope Hicks may have obstructed justice when she told Trump that Tump Jr. emails with Russians "will never get out", Mika Brzezinski shuts down Michael Wolff interview during spat over Nikki Haley rumors, CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald resigns a day after report that she purchased tobacco stock, and Trump official reportedly considered "reversing" an undocumented teen's abortion

The Fun Aunts have discovered leopard print and they're FREAKING OUT. Watch, subscribe, and comment!

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