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Charles Rockhill (@charlesrockhill) joins the show to talk about Desi potentially getting a little backpack and to help answer Patreon questions about fav media moments of 2017, including: Big Little LiesGet Out, and Big Mouth and fav tabletop games like Clue and Guess Who. Also, stars wear all black at the Golden Globes as part of #TimesUp campaign, Allison wonders why women are always expected to bleed and clean up men's messes, empty words of solidarity from men like Justin Timberlake and James Franco, Oprah becomes the first black woman to receive the Cecil B. DeMille award and some have begun to wonder if she'll run for president, Ivanka Trump's tone-deaf praise for Oprah's speech didn't go over well, and Stephen Miller's batshit Jake Tapper interview ended with security escorting Miller off set 

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