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Charles Rockhill (@charlesrockhill) joins the show to discuss Fun Aunts, The Last Jedi, Christmas cookies, and the Real Hot Wives of Orlando and Vegas, and to help answer Patreon questions about kitty adoption and Net Neutrality. Also, Trump's terrifying robot debuts at Disney World, Fox News accuses the FBI and Mueller of "coup" to overthrow Trump, Mitch McConnell says Senate will vote on the GOP tax bill Tuesday night (here's what that will mean for you), Doug Jones doesn't think Trump should resign because of sexual harassment allegations, second director says Weinsteins blacklisted actress Mira Sorvino from film, woman says T.J. Miller sexually assaulted and punched her, MSNBC's Chris Matthews reportedly received reprimand over sexual harassment complaint in 1999, and the House paid out $350,000 in settlements over four years including $115,000 for sexual harassment claims

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