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Katharine (@spkheller) joins the show to finally knock Disney's Belle down a peg and Allison shares her evolving feelings on Netflix's The Punisher. Also, Donald Trump Jr. to talk to House Intelligence Committee behind closed doors, Matt Lauer fired by NBC amid sexual misconduct allegations and his very shitty "apology," Geraldo Rivera's weird defense of Lauer and the "flirty business" of news and video surfaces of Bette Midler in 1991 talking about Rivera drugging and groping her without consent, Garrison Keillor fired after allegations of improper behavior one day after dismissing Al Franken groping women as "low comedy," fifth woman has accused Franken of sexual misconduct, woman in the UK reports rape to police and is arrested on immigration charges, Wall Street may have found a way to profit off addressing workplace sexual harassment, White House reportedly plans to replace Rex Tillerson with Mike Pompeo, Trump's weird obsession with conspiracy theories including Obama's birth certificate, Trump reportedly once bragged to a reporter about "first-rate pussy", and retweets inflammatory Islamophobic videos

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