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Talib Kitty's mortal enemy, Jamie's fear of dead animals, Patreon question from Baby Ryan about being vegan and wearing fake leather, Kellyanne Conway retweets white nationalist then claims she doesn't know who used her account, Betsy DeVos is not Ruby Bridges, Michael Flynn resigns, Sean Spicer accidentally blurts that Trump knew Flynn lied for weeks before asking for his resignation, head of House Oversight Committee says no investigation into Flynn, huge protest at Iowa statehouse opposing collective bargaining gutting, Oprah Winfrey turns over 27-Year-old tape containing Puzder abuse allegations, and four key Republicans could vote against Puzder for labor secretary.

Check out Allison's big ol' update about the short I'm working on and announced the cast/crew for the first time (!!!) and Jamie's new videos:

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