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Allison and Jamie talk about the Grammy Awards and Beyonce being robbed of another award, offer improv advice to a Maniac, and discuss how Moby may take down Trump. Also, Mexico protesters march against Trump's immigration policies, Justin Trudeau meets with Trump, Mike Flynn may be out, check out these dribbling Nazi milkboys, anti-abortion protests met by much larger counterprotests, Trump says "any negative polls are fake news," White House official says the administration will continue to use the term "fake news" until the media understands that their "monumental desire" to attack Trump is wrong, and a White House senior adviser repeats a baseless claim about busing illegal voters in New Hampshire

Special guests: Red Truck Tim, Blue Truck Kevin, and some guy with a white truck

Check out Allison's insane sketch about Paul Giamattis (not a typo): and Jamie's new videos:

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