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Episode #1551: CR needs your support! New dirty hobos will receive a Fuck the NRA and Can Bandit pin (EXTREMELY LIMITED SUPPLY) or the sticker combo pack!

Faith Beauchemin (@bohemianfaith) joins the show! Faith's thoughts on NYC as a recent transplant, Allison rants at length about The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere (SPOILERS!), adult film actress Jessica Drake alleges Donald Trump offered her $10,000 to spend the night with her, and Trump responds, "Oh, I'm sure she's never been grabbed before," attendees of Trump's parties recall lots of cocaine and very young models in attendance, Trump campaign introduces news show on Facebook Live and it sounds awful, the "nasty pussies" protest at Trump Tower, a rumor falsely claims George Soros-owned voting machines are in 16 states, Jan Brewer claims Trump was "waterboarded" by women accusing him of sexual assault and that Hispanics "don't vote," why suspending greek parties won't solve rape culture, and a Montana judge is being targeted for impeachment for issuing a 60-day rape incest sentence

Special guest: Jan Brewer

Check out Allison's new episode of The Window podcast featuring several (??) dads on razor scooters:

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