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Jamie crowbars in Hamilton lyrics throughout this entire episode, Allison discusses her new Patreon piece about the firebombing of a North Carolina GOP office, judge throws out Amy Goodman's riot charges for covering a DAPL protest, Donald Trump now claims that "illegal immigrants" are behind voter fraud (and Newt Gingrich and a Republican lawyers' group agree that voter fraud, which is an almost nonexistent issue, is a real threat), Trump's team allegedly held a talk about his TV startup, meet the women who are forever Trump, extremist militias are recruiting in case of a Hillary Clinton victory, Is Shep Smith the future of Fox News?, Chelsea Manning was held in solitary confinement for six days, everything you need to know about the battle in Mosul, Nazis held an anti-immigrant rally in San Francisco on Monday, and Maniac Mail about taking mental health days

Check out Allison's new piece about the firebombing of a North Carolina GOP office and how Democrats raised money for a party that has been systematically working to destroy marginalized people:

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