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Episode #1444: NYC! Jamie's show is NEXT WEEK! Tickets are just $8: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump win big in the New York primary, just over a third of NY Republican voters said they oppose a ban on Muslims entering the United States (still a minority, but the highest level of opposition to the Muslim ban recorded in a Republican exit poll this year), City Comptroller says he will be auditing NYC's Board of Elections following numerous complaints, college student is removed from flight after speaking Arabic on plane, Joe Biden says institutional racism is the problem, not the 1994 crime bill (wwwwwhat?), Billy Corgan compares "social justice warriors" to the KKK, a journalist talks to the kid whose mom used Craigslist to find him a feminism tutor and things got really weird, three officials criminally charged over Flint water crisis, federal appeals court upholds protections for transgender people in landmark ruling, Tennessee's transgender student bathroom bill is dead for the year, and everything you need to know about the wave of 100+ anti-LGBT bills pending in states

Join Allison's piece on smoke, journalism, and the end of the world:


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