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Episode #1145: Allison and Jamie discuss A&E's new show in which a cop-turned-pastor tries to shame women out of sex work, #ThankYouNYPD is still a go (but it's organizers say they might not show up), a cop designs "Breathe Easy: Don't Break The Law" t-shirt, a U.S. Marine has been charged with the murder of a transgender woman in the Philippines, police union head says the murder of Tamir Rice was "justified", Congressman Kevin Yoder is MIA after tucking another Wall Street bailout into the government spending bill, and meanwhile black people can be ticketed for just standing around in their own buildings, and Wisconsin jails a pregnant woman without prenatal care to "protect" the fetus.

Disclaimer: Due to Hobbit-related activity, this episode of CR is a little short (ba dum tsh)

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